the list

i have been scribbling, rewriting and refining this list everywhere - in my head, on paper and what not for the past idk five, six years? i hope to complete all of them one day. i doubt i will in the near future, but definitely, one day.

presenting to you, the list (you may name it my bucket list, and it keeps increasing....) - more like travel bucket list. in no specific order:

  1. set foot on and visit all seven (or rather six) continents.
  2. visit all 50 states of america.
  3. visit every capital of europe.
  4. london.
  5. cliff jump.
  6. sky dive.
  7. go on an african safari.
  8. kiss under the eiffel tower
  9. eat a baguette in france.
  10. become fluent in french.
  11. witness and photograph the aurora borealis aka northern lights, scandinavia.
  12. stay in the best suite in a five star hotel.
  13. fly first class w emirates or singapore airlines.
  14. learn and acquire barista skills.
  15. fly in a hot air ballon.
  16. attend a music festival in another country.
  17. attend an ATL concert and meet alex gaskarth.
  18. watch justin timberlake live
  19. go skinny dipping.
  20. go naked on a nudist beach.
  21. graduate from university.
  22. go on a trip by myself.
  23. set off a random location with no itinerary planned at all.
  24. get married.
  25. have babies.
  26. learn how to cook french food.
  27. attend a cooking class.
  28. prepare a six course meal.
  29. bake a bacon cake.
  30. prepare a six course bacon meal.
  31. play a new musical instrument besides guitar.
  32. sing or grab the mic at a pub or whatever.
  33. have my very own epicmealtime.
  34. host a brunch party.
  35. host a dinner party.
  36. act in a film (self production or otherwise haha)
  37. get featured on the news, print or whatever, for something big and am proud of.
  38. be part of a tvc commercial.
  39. meet miranda kerr, candice swanepoel or any VS model in person.
  40. have a photograph taken w george young.
  41. meet my two french penpals, minh or pauline.
  42. sew a clothing (dress or smth)
  43. start my own business. (hmm.....)
  44. embark on  a trip w contiki tours.
  45. catch the sunset over at uluru, australia.
  46. holiday on a private island.
  47. visit boracay.
  48. visit the grand canyon, arizona.
  49. visit the swan valley, montana.
  50. visit paradise islands: hawaii, greek islands, seychelles, and galapagos.
  51. hang from toronto's cn tower.
  52. visit the roman colosseum.
  53. spain.
  54. throw tomatoes at la tomatina in spain.
  55. visit the pristine beaches of islas cies, spain.
  56. experience love parade in germany.
  57. visit the tunnel of love, klevan, ukraine.
  58. visit the tulips field in netherlands.
  59. visit bora bora, and stay in an overwater bungalow.
  60. go to the oktoberfest in germany.
  61. visit santorini, greece; and catch the oia sunset.
  62. visit venice.
  63. participate in a brazilian carnival parade.
  64. visit and walk the machu picchu trail, peru.
  65. visit the cano cristales river, colombia. 
  66. lounge on a pink sand beach of bahamas.
  67. visit sydney harbor, australia.
  68. visit great barrier reef, australia.
  69. visit the penguins of phillip island nature park.
  70. cage dive w crocodiles in darwin city, australia.
  71. pink colored lake - lake hillier, western australia.
  72. new zealand.
  73. maldives. 
  74. eat at an underwater restaurant in maldives.
  75. pamukkale hot springs, turkey. 
  76. catch the lunar rainbow, victoria falls, zambia.
  77. ride a camel to the pyramids.
  78. gallop a horse along a beach.
  79. visit japan, and have awesome ramen.
  80. learn how to cook some damn good ramen.
  81. go to the cherry blossom festival in japan, or in denver.
  82. run through a sunflower garden in guangzhou or thailand.
  83. play in the mud at the boryeoung mud festival in seoul.
  84. go on a cruise w royal caribbean international.
  85. ride a scooter or motorcycle, not as a passenger.
  86. sex on the beach. and whatever i have in my head, but not here.
  87. sleep in a hammock.
  88. see the polar bears in churchill, canada.
  89. visit the igloo village in finland.
  90. stay in icehotel, jukkasjarvi.
  91. stay in hotel h2o, manila.
  92. stay in a treehouse.
  93. take a helicopter.
  94. take a helicopter tour over niagara falls.
  95. float around the dead sea.
  96. UAE.
  97. be a maid of honor.
  98. be part of a flash mob.
  99. have enough money to do all the things on this list.

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